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Living Drug And Alcohol Free In Belfast Within Belfast Drug Rehab

Overcoming the addiction isn't the toughest part of the struggle for many people.

It is the job of staying away from alcohol or the drugs which are the most difficult part. There are a number of reasons for this and one among them is the fact that you now feel the pain that you have always been fleeing. Abandonment, child abuse, the loss of a loved one, or being lesbian or gay in a homophobic society may be the cause of this pain. None of these problems are small even on your best day but dealing with them in addition to treating an addiction can make life a lot more difficult.

You may only know how to use drugs to deal with your emotional issues once you've become addicted to the habit no matter why you started using and traumatic issues may be even harder to deal with in such a case. You could end up thinking that there is no option to dealing with such issues and coping strategies like self care plans and problem solving techniques will not work.

You will probably experience many difficult emotions after you quit your substance abuse, especially if you did used drugs or alcohol for a really long time. If you weren't ready for it, aren't sure what to do or what is going on, or if you think that being sober always feels like this, then it can be extremely overwhelming for you (and your family). This is why many people end up going back to drugs and alcohol even when they day the best intention. Seeking help is for the best if you too have experienced some of these things. Try to discover ways to slow down the release of pent up emotions if you want to feel the pace in a more manageable way or not as overwhelming.

A number of people slumps into deep depression after withdrawal. If you were being held together by the alcohol or drugs, you could easily tumble down after quitting.

It doesn't only appear to be overwhelming but discouraging too since you probably desired that life would get better. Even so, don't throw in the towel. It will.

At this point what is important to you is the right information about how the process works along with finding and keeping hope alive in you. It can be very helpful to hear about people that succeeded in changing their lives for the better and how. Even if it doesn't happen at that moment, it will also be important that you know what to expect in the days that will come. Some of the most common benefits which you can avail of are increased self-respect, self-confidence and self-love, which can again set you on the path where you came from.

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Keeping Away From Drugs And Alcohol Belfast Drug Rehab Says It Is Healthy

Since every individual is different, not all former addicts in recovery respond well to one healing method, there are many other methods that can help.

A very practical and realistic approach to coping is the necessity for most of the people in the beginning.

This means looking for practical methods to

  • Recognize and express your feelings
  • Slow down your pace and contain the overwhelming emotions
  • Plan on setting boundaries with situations or individuals that may be detrimental to the progress of your recovery
  • Feed on the positive encouragement from loved ones
  • Seek help when you really need it, that's is what friends and family are good for
  • Develop your skills at solving problems
  • Develop coping techniques that are positive which will help you take care of yourself
  • Coming up with a plan in case things go wrong

You can support the crucial element of recovery, honesty, by going with a realistic attitude. Being realistic doesn't mean to look at what sounds realistic but it means to look at what you can actually do. You can always push ourselves to do a little more without setting up yourselves for failure. The one thing you do not need is to come up with an unrealistic plan which forces you into lies or leaves you feeling ashamed that you could not achieve it. Being realistic may mean that you work on some of your issues before quitting so that you may begin reducing your alcohol or drug use gradually. Or you could just stop. The option that works best for you is the path to follow.

To remain clear of drug or alcohol you might do a more extensive healing job or do a longer term.

This could mean facing experiences of abuse that is of physical, physical or ritual nature; going through a major loss, abandonment in childhood, serious sickness or death, being brought up in a dysfunctional family, shame or confusion about sexual orientation etc. For some people, facing the present living situation, like an abusive or absent partner may also be involved in it.

The aid of a psychiatrist or some other professional privately or in a group setting may be quite important in dealing with these problems. While without doing this deeper work some people remain alcohol and drug-free, but others can't. Many people find that their reason of abusing alcohol or drugs in the first place is intimately connected to the deeper issues. The need to rely on drugs or alcohol might be decreased by dealing with these problems.

Similar to what happens when quitting drugs and alcohol, overcoming painful circumstances will often hurt before it can get better. At the end of the day, if you're able to face these issues and come to feel differently about them, you may end up feeling much better about yourself and this can allow you to start living a healthier life.

It's tempting to say that there is only one way to quit drugs and alcohol. The idea that there is a single solution that will work for anyone is tantalizing. However, life and human beings are never as simple as that. I have looked at many people using different methods that worked for them to overcome substance abuse (and others that significantly decreased their intake). At the end, you need to believe in what you are feeling inside, what your guts tell you. If you feel that it could be the right way, then you ought to give it a try. A life without addiction might be on that very path.